Actions You Need to Take After an Accident

Car Accident

Getting into a car accident in Southern California can be a little intimating. Most of us know what to do when we get into an accident, but it is easy to forget what you know when the actual time comes. If you live in Los Angeles County, here are some tips to keep in mind about what you need…

Automotive Detailing Made Easy

cleaning vehicle interior

Your car takes a lot of your time and money to keep up, but being a large investment, you can’t help but want to keep it nice. When it comes to detailing your car at home, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier on yourself. Cut the time and costs associated with detailing…

Skipping Scheduled Car Maintenance: Short-Term Gain Means Long-Term Pain

Life sure can get busy, and sometimes the last thing we want to deal with is fitting in the time for our scheduled car maintenance appointments. Often, people will think that regular maintenance means just more money invested into the vehicle, but that isn’t true. These important events are ensuring the…

Car Detailing 101: What is Auto Detailing and What Does it Include?

Mercedes-Benz Interior Detailing

Auto detailing is a professional auto service guaranteed to ensure that your vehicle looks its best. This is a specialized service that offers your vehicle a comprehensive clean utilizing specific tools and professional-quality products. You can get…

6 Car Care Tips to Help Keep You Safe this Summer

Summer Road Trip

As summer gets into full swing and temperatures start to rise, you may notice a greater demand on your vehicle day after day. If that’s the case, you should start focusing on your summer maintenance. Summer car care maintenance is important to keep you and your car safe in the…

5 Road Trips to Take from Long Beach This Memorial Day Weekend

Pacific Coast Highway Sign

With Memorial Day on the horizon, one of the hardest choices is deciding where you want to go. A three-day weekend means you have some time to see other amazing places California has to offer outside of Los Angeles County. Here are some day trip ideas from…

6 Car Maintenance Tips to Follow During April National Car Care Month

BMW Wheel Close Up

The Car Care Council has declared April the month for you to prepare your car for the summer ahead. Here we take you through the vehicle checks you need to carry out on your car to ensure you’re ready for that spontaneous spring or summer road trip. Class…

How to Prepare Your Car for Spring Road Trips

Prepare Your Car for Spring Road Trip

When you see the first signs of spring, you’ll probably start planning a few road trips to really enjoy the season in all its splendor. But first you have to prepare your car so that you’re ready to set off when the weather’s just right for…

Why You Should Detail Your Car

Car Detailing in Long Beach, CA

We all rely on our cars much more than we realize. In fact, it’s only when they’re out of action that we realize just how much we use them for work, leisure, and running errands.

For that reason, taking care of them is crucial and that’s…

Top Tips for Getting Your Tires Ready for Winter Driving

Driving in Southern California Winter Rain

When the temperature starts to drop outside, you need to turn your attention to your car’s tires and check that they’re in good enough shape to survive the winter months. It can make a significant difference to your road-safety…

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