6 Car Care Tips to Help Keep You Safe this Summer

Summer Road Trip

As summer gets into full swing and temperatures start to rise, you may notice a greater demand on your vehicle day after day. If that’s the case, you should start focusing on your summer maintenance. Summer car care maintenance is important to keep you and your car safe in the hot Southern California weather. Here are some tips from the experts here at Class Auto Center that will help keep your car running in optimal shape this season:

1. Schedule a Tune Up

Many centers for auto service in Long Beach, CA can perform a simple tune up of your vehicle. This can include covering all the basics such as checking for leaking oil, replacing your air filters, and checking the coolant system. These are simple things that can create headaches when they go wrong. 

2. Check Your Tires

Tires are often overlooked. Take a look and see if your tires need replacement. New tires will provide a smoother, quieter ride, so if the tread blocks are worn down to the wear bars, it’s time for a tire replacement. Even if your tires look good, you should also double check the tire pressure. Having tires inflated properly can improve handling performance and give you a boost in fuel economy.

3. Recharge Your A/C

There is nothing worse than having air conditioning that doesn’t work during the hot Los Angeles summer. Come down to Class Auto Center and we can check and recharge your A/C to ensure your car is blowing nice cold air. You can even buy kits to recharge your car’s A/C on your own.

4. Prepare an Emergency Kit

If you ever end up stranded, it will be important to have an emergency kit. In a small box or bag, add some bottled water to stay hydrated, as well as some simple snacks that will keep well and help stave off hunger. The kit should also include jumper cables, road flares, or even a power bank for your cell phone.

5. Make a Plan

If you’re hitting the open road, make a plan. Get an idea of where gas stations are, and plan to stop at scenic overlooks for a short rest and stretch breaks. Let a family member or friend know where your headed and what stops you’re making along the way. These simple steps can help ensure you don’t run out of fuel or get stranded.

6. Don’t Let Problems Linger

This applies anytime of the year, but especially in the summer. When your car has to manage with higher temperature, the stress can quickly turn a minor problem into a major one. If you hear something unusual, have a mechanic take a look before it gets worse. 

Make sure your vehicle is ready this summer with these easy, useful tips. Car repairs and service in Los Angeles, CA can be daunting, but there’s no need to worry. Visit Class Auto Center in Long Beach, CA for all of your auto maintenance needs. As Southern California’s premier certified collision center specializing in collision repair and cosmetic care, we have everything you need to get your car summer-ready.

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