Car Detailing 101: What is Auto Detailing and What Does it Include?

Mercedes-Benz Interior Detailing

Auto detailing is a professional auto service guaranteed to ensure that your vehicle looks its best. This is a specialized service that offers your vehicle a comprehensive clean utilizing specific tools and professional-quality products. You can get the best in car detailing services in Long Beach, CA at Class Auto Center.

The most effective way to get rid of scratches and swirl marks, in order to bring life back to your car’s paint work, is through auto detailing. Different to an ordinary car wash, the range of auto detailing services depends on the vendor you choose. Class Auto Center offers quality auto detailing near Los Angeles that includes interior cosmetic repair, alloy wheel repair, paintless dent removal, invisible paint protection film and window tinting and headlight restoration.

How Does Car Detailing Differ from a Car Wash?

Mercedes-Benz Exterior Detailing

Every car deserves a thorough clean to look its best. This is the end goal of car detailing that can include exterior and interior detailing. Whereas your typical car wash is a superficial clean of dust and dirt, exterior car detailing looks to restore paintwork through removing light scratches and an in-depth clean of the entire exterior trim including rubber parts, wheels and brake calipers. Once the exterior of your car is methodically cleaned and polished the paintwork is then waxed for added protection.

Interior vehicle detailing is just as thorough. Rejuvenate the look of upholstery by removing stubborn stains and dirt. Leather, glass, plastics and vinyl can be repaired and restored to bring back that fresh new look. Give your car the best auto service and detailing in Long Beach, CA at Class Auto Center.

Why You Should Consider Car Detailing Services

BMW Interior Auto Detailing

Car detailing is a professional personalized car clean service that offers a number of benefits. Two of the most significant benefits are: improving its resale value, and offering further protection to the exterior surface. Protecting your car’s resale value is easy to do by keeping it in a good condition. Polishing and waxing a car’s paint work protects its finish from the elements.

If you’re looking to revitalize a tired-looking interior or washed-out exterior, then take your vehicle into Class Auto Center for auto detailing and give your car a treat that you’ll be pleased with. We provide renowned car services and vehicle detailing near Orange County for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and more.

Looking for collision repair for an Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Nissan GT-R, or a Tesla body shop? Make Class Auto Center your specialist auto repair center of note here in Long Beach. Residents of Los Angeles and Orange County can count on Class Auto Center to make their vehicle look like new. Visit our auto detailing shop near Torrance, CA today!

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