Skipping Scheduled Car Maintenance: Short-Term Gain Means Long-Term Pain

Life sure can get busy, and sometimes the last thing we want to deal with is fitting in the time for our scheduled car maintenance appointments. Often, people will think that regular maintenance means just more money invested into the vehicle, but that isn’t true. These important events are ensuring the long life of your car’s equipment. By allowing these important tasks to go neglected, you are setting yourself up for costly repairs in the long run.

Know What Your Vehicle Needs

While our experts here at Class Auto Center can offer you a general idea of what general maintenance should be performed, you’ll want to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a personalized schedule, or contact us today if you have any questions. There are some tasks that are general and should be done on every vehicle, while others may be specialized needs. Class Auto Center is proud to offer you a maintenance schedule for your auto service in Long Beach, CA.

Take Care of Your Vehicle’s Needs

For a general guide, here are the tasks that must be performed:

  • Periodically do a visual inspection for anything that looks wrong.
  • Check all fluids and watch for leaks.
  • Inspect timing and serpentine belts. These should be replaced every 40,000 – 60,000 miles, but consult your manual for the appropriate schedule for your vehicle.
  • Have your oil changed in a timely period. Depending what type of oil is being used in your vehicle, you could go up to 10,000 miles.
  • Check your battery for corrosion.
  • Replace windshield wipers whenever they become streaky.
  • Replace cabin air filters.
  • Replace engine air filter.
  • Be sure to have your tires rotated and balanced and have the alignment checked.
  • Change your spark plugs.

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