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Your car takes a lot of your time and money to keep up, but being a large investment, you can’t help but want to keep it nice. When it comes to detailing your car at home, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier on yourself. Cut the time and costs associated with detailing your ride with this simple procedure.

Clean Your Vehicle Inside and Out

To start, always clear out the vehicle of anything you do not need to keep in it. The less you have stored, the less you have to deal with and move when deep cleaning. It will make vacuuming and conditioning a lot easier and quicker as well. Speaking of which, always vacuum the interior first.

After vacuuming, wash the exterior. Washing and waxing the exterior first will ensure that you are able to clean off the windows afterwards to remove any overspray, and makes it so you only have to do it once. Clean from the top down. Do not take dirt from the bottom of the car and rub it on the nicely painted roof. Always clean the rims last with a separate sponge. This will keep brake dust and dirt off the paint job.

Don’t Forget the Details

After the exterior is done, focus on cleaning any stains on the seats or upholstery. Sometimes it takes a moment for the solution you are using to clean your seats to work. Use that time (if any) to work on lubricating the dashboard and cleaning the radio buttons. You can then return when the stain is ready for lifting. Remember to blot and not rub, and use the appropriate cleaner for the seat material.

To help make cleaning those small cracks and tiny dirt collection areas simpler, use paint brushes or professional detailing brushes. It may take an extra trip to the store to find something suitable, but you can reuse them over and over and they truly simplify a deep cleaning. Once you have shined up the dashboard, clean the windows inside and out. This should be the last step, because other cleaners are prone to greasing up the windshield and you can end up cleaning it more than once. Don’t forget to take care of your floor mats, and a little air duster will go a long way.

Have the Professionals Take Care of It

Another option is to skip all of the hassle and come see the Southern California auto detailing specialists in Long Beach, CA at Class Auto Center. We specialize in car stain removal and overall vehicle detailing near Los Angeles, and our team of experts can have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time. For full body restoration and automotive detailing, trust the professionals at Class Auto Center. Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information.


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