New Year's Car Care Goals for 2018

Routine Fluid Checks and Fill-ups

The New Year is a great time to reevaluate your needs and priorities for the upcoming year, but don’t forget about your car. Your vehicle makes sure you get to work every day and takes you on numerous vacations; doesn’t it deserve a little attention? Here are some simple New Year’s car care goals you should strive for this year.


Keep Your Car Clean

The first step to caring for your car is to keep it clean. Resolve to clean up messes as they occur and regularly vacuum out the dirt. You may even want to schedule a regular time to do a complete detail on the inside and out. Schedule an appointment with our experts at Class Auto Center and we will have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time!


Make Sure Your Tires Have Proper Pressure

To improve your gas mileage and overall safety, it is important to drive on tires with proper pressures. Look at the sticker located on the driver’s side door to find out what your tires should be inflated to. Then, resolve to check your tires at least during every other fuel fill-up.

In addition to checking the pressure, you’ll want to rotate your tires often. Check the owner’s manual for the ideal timing for your vehicle.


Do Routine Fluid Checks

During the fuel fill-ups that you aren’t checking the tire pressures, you could be checking the fluid levels. This is especially important with the oil level. Oil is needed to keep the engine lubricated, so be sure to top it off as needed.

You’ll also want to refer to your owner’s manual about how often you should be changing the oil and schedule your appointments accordingly.


Schedule Bi-Annual Checkups

Taking the best care of your vehicle is the ideal way to avoid costly repairs in the future, but it doesn’t always prevent everything. It is wise to have the car looked at twice a year so a professional can ensure everything is operating properly. Your friends at Class Auto Center are trained to help you deal with minor to major cosmetic or mechanical issues. We aren’t just the expert detail center in Los Angeles County, but also known for superior dent and ding repair in Long Beach, CA. Contact us now to schedule an appointment today.

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