4 Ways You Can Maintain the Value of your Car

Regular Detail Work Can Keep Up Your Car's Value

Even if you don’t plan on selling your car anytime soon, you’ll want to make sure your car is properly maintained. The better your car is maintained the higher its value will be when you do decide to sell or trade it in. One of the most obvious ways to help maintain your vehicle is to avoid unnecessary driving, the more miles you put on the car the lower the value. Avoiding excessive wear and tear on the vehicle is also something to keep in mind along with the following:

Perform Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

A big part of maintaining the value of your vehicle is routine maintenance. With any car you own, you want to perform all of the regular maintenance, such as oil changes and fluid exchanges. You will also want to keep a record of all of these services performed. Maintaining your car ensures your car runs properly and the better you take care of it the longer it will run. Buyers will sometimes pay more for a car that has been regularly serviced as that minor thing lowers the risk of costly repairs.  

Be Mindful of Where You Park Your Car

Where you park your car either while it sits overnight or while you are at the store is important. Parking your car in your driveway is better than parking your car on the street, but the best place to park is in your garage. The garage offers protection from the elements, falling debris from trees or animals, as well as random dings and dents. In store parking lots parking further away in the lot helps lower the risk of accidental dings and scratches from other cars.

Keep Your Car Clean

You want to keep your car clean inside and out. The cleaner your car is the higher its value. Your car should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Once you wash it apply a coat of wax to help protect the paint from the elements. Another way to keep your car clean both inside and out is to bring it into the experts at Class Auto Center for regular detailing. Cold climates require more washing in the winter months due to salt deposits. Leaving salt on the car for long periods of time increases the chance of rust. Frequent washing, with special attention paid to the undercarriage, helps prevent salt build up.

Trust the Experts at Class Auto Center

A great way to make sure your car retains its value is to keep it looking as good as new with help from our experts at Class Auto Center. If you are looking for professional detail services and repair in Long Beach, CA stop in and see us today! We are a certified collision repair center in Los Angeles, and offer everything from dent removal and tire repair, to aluminum structural repair and other major body repair. Or, if you’re looking for interior or exterior detailing services, our complete auto spa and detail center can take care of you! Contact us at Class Auto Center to get an estimate in Long Beach, CA today!

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