"Are you sure this is the same car?" - Paul from Hermosa Beach

One morning, Paul from Hermosa Beach was driving to his office in south Orange County when he was involved in a car accident. The front of his Mercedes-Benz E350 slammed into the vehicle in front of him, which in turn hit the car in front of that... Ouch!

About Class Auto Center

Class Auto Center was opened in 1981 and has since served its customers as Southern California’s premier collision repair center. Class Auto Center proudly services dealerships such as Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach, Long Beach BMW, Circle Audi, Circle Porsche, Glenn E. Thomas Dodge and Cabe Toyota.

Many recognize founder Ray Neveau’s “Fix it Right – the First Time!” philosophy as a key factor…

Class Auto Center Blog is Live

We've just launched our blog. Please stay tuned for more posts.

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