What Should You Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

Anytime you’ve been in an accident where the other driver flees the scene, it’s considered to be a hit and run. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle was parked at the local store or if you were driving at the time, you must know how to protect yourself after a hit-and-run accident near Orange County, CA. Our…

Simple Things to Help You Avoid Getting Into an Accident

Man Driving in Car

Life is unexpected, and there are only a few things in your lifetime that are completely under your control. That includes when you are out on the road. There is no complete guarantee that you’ll avoid an accident, but you can do your part to prevent it. As collision…

4 Interior Car Maintenance Tips to Live By This Summer

cleaning interior dashboard

As summer road trips abound and your life becomes busier than ever before, it’s the perfect time to discuss interior auto maintenance. It might feel like you don’t have time to care for your vehicle, but you must make it a priority. A clean car is a happy car here in Los Angeles…

What is the Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?

If you’ve just been in an accident in Los Angeles County, CA and you aren’t sure what your insurance covers, don’t stress. This is a common dilemma among drivers today. Class Auto Center in Long Beach, CA, wants to help you understand the differences between comprehensive coverage vs. collision…

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Ready for the Southern California Heat

Many motorists are aware of the impact that the extremities of winter can have on a motor vehicle. However, it is not only winter that motorists should prepare for, but the summer heat as well. Breakdowns in summer are common, especially if vehicle maintenance has not been strictly adhered to.


Avoid Distracted Driving With These Helpful Tips

Avoid Distracted Driving

If you’ve ever driven before, you know that it’s easy to become distracted on the road. In honor of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, our experts here at Class Auto Center have some tips to avoid accidents while on the road. Following these tips will make it easier…

Keep the Shine on Your Vehicle with These Expert Paint Maintenance Tips

Wash Car

Whether your car is a daily driver or a weekend warrior, the paint will inevitably fade over time and become tarnished from the elements, environmental hazards, and tar. When you’re wanting to refresh the paint job on your vehicle or maybe looking to try something new, the professional…

Protect Yourself with an Emergency Car Kit

If you’ve ever faced a roadside emergency before, you know how scary they can become. The best way to protect yourself from unexpected emergencies is to pack a car kit with all the items you would need. It doesn’t take a lot of work to gather these emergency car kit essentials. Aside from safe driving in Los Angeles, CA,…

The Best Wintertime Trips Near Los Angeles

Big Bear, CA

If you are looking for some wintery fun near Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, then Class Auto Center has some suggestions for you. The start of the year is a great time to enjoy the cooler weather and some beautiful surroundings. Bundle up…

5 Tried and Tested Holiday Driving Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Christmas Truck

Whether you’re travelling to spend the holidays with family or friends or taking the family on an epic road trip, a key focus will be on safe driving this holiday. Travel smarter and safer around Southern California and beyond this festive season with these driving safety tips from our…

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