Top Tips for Getting Your Tires Ready for Winter Driving

Driving in Southern California Winter Rain

When the temperature starts to drop outside, you need to turn your attention to your car’s tires and check that they’re in good enough shape to survive the winter months. It can make a significant difference to your road-safety to have your tires in the best of condition, but tires are often overlooked when it comes to your routine auto care and maintenance. Here we have a few tips for you to help you prepare your tires for the colder months:

Pay Attention to Your Tire Traction

Every fall you probably wonder whether it’s worth buying snow-tires for when the weather turns, particularly if you plan to drive up to areas that are likely to have snowfall or extreme low temperatures. If you know you are likely to face difficult and slippery driving conditions, you want to be sure your tires have the grip to keep you safe on the road. Examine your tire tread and make sure you haven’t worn out your tread completely. Even if your current tires have enough tread, you might consider getting snow-tires, which can give you the improved traction you want when facing snow and rain. Snow-tires have a deeper tread than usual tires and they can withstand low temperatures without any risk of becoming brittle and worn.

Measure Your Tire Tread

When it starts getting cold and conditions on the road are difficult, having adequate tread makes a huge difference to your grip to the road. Check your tires regularly as part of your routine auto care. Low tread can result in poor performance in rain and snow, causing hydroplaning and losing control on the road. If you don’t replace your tires when tread has diminished, your tires won’t have the tread depth necessary to avoid hydroplaning on wet streets or to keep moving on snow-covered roads.

Check for Correct Tire Inflation

Regularly check the air pressure in your tires, as it can make a big difference to how easily your car drives. If your tires are incorrectly inflated, you will lose traction and it may become difficult to properly steer your car. Naturally this is even more noticeable when there’s snow on the ground and slippery driving conditions will be extra hazardous if your tires aren’t inflated to the pressure recorded in your car’s manual.

Let Class Auto Center Prepare your Car for the Colder Months of Winter

We are experienced and highly specialized mechanics in Orange County, CA offering first-class auto service to prepare your car for the coldest season of the year. Our preventative service ensures your car is prepared and safe to drive in winter road conditions, whether you’re driving through rain on the highway or driving through snow in Big Bear. With the recent rain in the Los Angeles area, there’s no better time to check up on your vehicle and change your tires. We also offer expert collision repair and cosmetic care in Long Beach, CA, so no matter what your vehicle requires, we have the knowledge to get the job done. Contact us today to book your car in for a premium service here at Class Auto Center in Los Angeles County!

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