Five Ways to Protect Your Car from the Southern California Summer Weather

Summer Maintenance in Southern California

Don’t you wish your car’s maintenance went on vacation for the summer? With all we have to do, it would be nice to take a break. The reality is that summer heat and weather can take a toll on your vehicle, so you want to protect it. The experts here at Class Auto Center in Long Beach, CA has put together some helpful tips you’ll need to keep your vehicle in shape this summer.

1.    All Systems Go

The most important thing you can do for your car is keep all the systems in good working order. This includes your cooling system, air conditioning and transmission. Check all the fluids and look at any hoses. Make sure everything looks like it’s in good working order.

2.    Can You See Out the Windshield?

It’s most likely going to rain throughout the summer, so you don’t want worn-out wipers. They just leave behind streaks that make it hard to see. It doesn't cost much to replace them and could save you from an accident.

3.    What are You Breathing?

Now is the best time to replace your car’s cabin air filter. At the very least, you should be cleaning it. Modern vehicles have cabin filtration systems and pollen filters that catch dust and debris. You’ll also want to check the engine’s air filter to make sure it doesn’t get clogged up. If in doubt, get advice from your auto repair center in Los Angeles County.

4.    How are the Tires Doing?

You must check your pressures year round to ensure your safety. Just look inside your driver’s door for the information you need. Also, inspect the tires for any sign of wear or damage. You want all four of the tires to be in good condition.

5.    Love Your Vehicle

Your car takes care of you, so you need to love it. Start by getting a dashboard sunshade. This keeps the strong sun from fading your interior and keeps the cabin slightly cooler. You also want to keep your car clean. Dirt that builds up on the exterior paint will eventually lead to chipping and cracking. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, employ the help of auto spa services in Long Beach, CA.

Let us Help!

You don’t have to do it alone. Your friends at Class Auto Center offer high-quality Southern California auto repair as well as a complete auto spa to keep your vehicle looking its best. We are here to get your vehicle in shape so you can head out on your summer adventures. Contact us now to set up an appointment, or if you are anywhere in the Los Angeles County area, including Lakewood, Carson, and Torrance, CA, make the short drive down and visit us today!

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