Car Waxing 101

Car Waxing at Class Auto Center

Most drivers are at least familiar with the concept of waxing their cars. While its rather obvious that waxing makes the vehicle look better, the benefits go far beyond that. The paint, clear coat, and wax all create protective layers for the vehicle’s body that preserve it against the elements. Wax, being the outer most layer, is your first line of defense against weather and moisture. Our experts here at Class Auto Center in Los Angeles County are here to help explain the basics behind waxing your car:

Why You Should Wax

Keeping a well-maintained coat of wax on the vehicle provides a protective layer for the paint and clear coat below. That paint below then provides a protective layer for the metals, plastics, and alloys beneath it that make up the body of the vehicle. Wax protects your clear coat and paint against small debris, water, road grime, and other types of contaminants.

A good coat of wax also makes it a lot easier to keep the exterior of the vehicle clean. Water spots and dirt cling to the wax less once the wax has dried, and it makes removing these unwanted substances much simpler. While applying a coat of wax is relatively simple and easy, its often not practical to do at home. There are tools and skills your need to be able to wax your vehicle properly, and trusting the experts may be your best bet.

Types of Wax

There are multiple types of automotive waxes available on the market. Some of a higher quality, however, are easily accessible on an industrial level. Meaning top quality body shops carry the best types of automotive waxes. Don’t skimp on cheap wax that you can easily apply at home, because you are likely not going to get the results that you are looking for. Trust the experts for the best wax job around.

Get Your Vehicle Waxed by the Professionals

Class Auto Center is your local source for car wax experts in Los Angeles, CA.. Our team of trained technicians are experienced in a variety of automotive details services, including waxing, and can have your vehicle looking as pristine as ever in no time. Contact us  online now or come in today to learn more about pricing, services, and more. We provide expert car wax and detail services in Long Beach, CA, so come in and see us soon!

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