Tips for Driving Safely at Night

There’s no question that driving at night is riskier than being on the road during the day. When you have to go out, how can you protect yourself from accidents? To help you drive safely at night, our automotive experts here at Class Auto Center have put together some of our best advice. Follow these nighttime driving safety tips to protect you and others on the road.

Check Your Visibility

When you drive during the day, a dirty windshield might be an annoyance, but at night, it’s downright dangerous. As headlights hit the glass, you’re likely to experience a blinding glare. Another thing you might not notice is the dust accumulating inside. That’s why you want to make sure your windshield is clean, both inside the car and out.

Make Sure Your Lights Work

Before heading out at night, you’ll want to make sure that your taillights and headlights are in good working order. It’s also crucial that they are lined up right so you can see the road clearly. Most people wait until it gets dark to turn on their headlights, but it helps to turn them on before then. You can’t ever be too safe on the road.

When you are driving down the road, make sure you don’t look directly into the lights of oncoming traffic. Instead, turn your gaze to the right and down with your eyes on the white line. This keeps you from getting blinded by the light.

Reduce Your Speed

Whether you’re driving the highways of Los Angeles County or the streets of Orange County, when you’re driving at night, you’ll want to reduce your speeds and increase the distance between you and other vehicles. It’s natural to want to get home, but you want to get there in one piece. Avoid tailgating other cars and reduce your speed.

Avoid Distractions

While these tips should apply at any time, they are more important at night. Don’t play with the radio, eat while driving, or text on your phone. Not only will you receive a big fine if caught, but it’s downright dangerous.

Since you’ll be paying better attention, you also want to look for pedestrians. Unfortunately, not all joggers and bikers think it’s essential to wear bright colors, so they can be difficult to see at night.

Never Drink and Drive

No matter what you do, don’t ever get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking. There’s no reason to put yourself or others at risk with this behavior.

We are Here for You

We care about your vehicle and you. If you need certified collision repair and cosmetic care in the Southern California area, Class Auto Center in Long Beach, CA is ready to help. We are an expert auto center in Los Angeles County, CA and our technicians are trained to handle any situation you might have, so contact us to learn more. Drive safely, take care of yourself and visit us for all your auto repair needs.

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