5 Tried and Tested Holiday Driving Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Christmas Truck

Whether you’re travelling to spend the holidays with family or friends or taking the family on an epic road trip, a key focus will be on safe driving this holiday. Travel smarter and safer around Southern California and beyond this festive season with these driving safety tips from our experts here at Class Auto Center in Long Beach, CA.


Make sure your vehicle is adequately prepped and ready

This means ensuring that you have basic maintenance and essential checks done on your vehicle by a reliable certified auto center. Additional tasks include checking the tires, replacing worn out wiper blades and testing the battery.


Put together an emergency survival kit

Every kit should contain essential items such as first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlights with additional batteries, warm clothing or blankets and water as well as non-perishable foods.


Plan your route

Map the route you wish to take well before departure. Know where the rest stops are and other facilities like medical facilities. Have an alternative rout mapped out too in case of emergency situations like road closures.


Prepare for heavy traffic

The holiday period almost always means busy roads. Plan to depart when roads are more likely to be less busy, like really early in the morning.


Be more vigilant about practicing safe driving techniques

With the increased number of vehicles on the road, observing safe driving techniques becomes even more compulsory. Make sure the kids are safely strapped in car seats, keep a safe following distance and be patient and courteous.


When putting together your travelling plans, make sure that one of the first things to put on your to-do list to ensure safe driving in Southern California is to have you car serviced at Class Auto Center. We are the leading expert auto center in Los Angeles County, CA. Find us near Orange County, CA. Should you meet with an unfortunate incident and need collision repair, we also offer certified collision repair in Long Beach, CA, so contact us now to set up a free estimate.

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