Preventative Car Maintenance to Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Vehicle Wiper Blades
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Indicator Lights and What They Mean

One of the worst sights to see while driving down a leisurely road is a dashboard warning lighting up to tell you something is up with your vehicle. Indicator lights can be scary if you do not know what they mean, but never fear! They don’t have to ruin your journey if you know which ones are important, and where you can go to get them fixed quickly and efficiently.

BMW Maintenance & Repair: 3 Things to Look For

2016 BMW 3-Series

BMW is known for designing luxurious sport cars for your driving pleasure. Branded with a roundel containing four quadrants in blue and white tint, this ultimate driving machine is hard to miss. Having the honor of seeing one zoom past you is one thing, but being able to own one…

Three Reasons Why You Should Check Your Tire Pressure More Often

porsche tire pressure gauge


4 Tips for a Great Holiday Road Trip

Picture of a foggy road

Tips for Driving in a Downpour...

The biggest storm in two years is raining down on Southern California this weekend...

Safest Cars For 2014

Don't Google and Drive

Temecula woman's charges dropped in traffic court this week after receiving a ticket for wearing Google Glass and driving.

Class Auto Center Tech Session Raises $1,000 for Children’s Dental Health Clinic

Chandler Rabens & Dr. John Blake
Class Auto Center hosted a Tech Session for the Porsche Club of America, Grand Prix Region on Saturday September 21st. The $1,000 in event proceeds directly…

Save the Date! Class Auto Center Tech Session is September 21st at 10am

Join us for food, refreshments and the latest in Porsche developments...

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